As with most Financial Institutions there are many options (products) available, which also depends upon the Laws of each Individual Country.
The Office of International Treasury Control is different. It is not a Corporate Entity, it is a Sovereign Entity. It does not have Shareholders and it doesn't need to go to the Market Place to buy Funds from the Wholesale Banks, or similar. It has its own Assets (The Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility) of substantial value, that it uses.

The Office of International Treasury Control, therefore can, and does, operate differently from the normal Banking or Finance Company Market Place, whether Debt or Equity Financing, or numerous options of same, or, whether Short, Medium, Long Term Finance.

In reality, most projects can be financed if such Finance is carefully Structured and Designed specifically to suit the projects, rather than the present system of Designing and Structuring the Projet to suit a Standard form of Financing normally applicable from Commercial Banks or similar.
Let us take a look at some options, always remembering that
The Office of International Treasury Control will Structure Finance to suit individual projects rather than fit the project to a standard format of Financing offered by the normal Banking and Financial System.
The above are just a small example of what can be Financed by The Office of International Treasury Control.
Every Project is different in its character from the next Project. Rarely are two or more Projects the same, even though they may appear to be the same, hence why the Individual approach is applied by The Office of International Treasury Control, where applicable, whereby Finance is Designed and Structured to suit the Project.

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