Pursuant to International Treaty Agreements agreed and entered, the following being the rules for statement of the rules, with the funds and assets thereof held under his irrevocable and absolute dispositional control of His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam as owner and Sole Arbiter of all assets held under the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts and all sub accounts thereof and linked thereto.

Butler, Charles H., The Treaty Making Power of the Means, United States Senator Committees);
The Green Hilton Agreement (Geneva 1963-1966 the Guarantee is Declared on by International Consent); the Guarantee confirmed and established under Schweitzer Innsbruck Conference (Innsbruck, Austria 1964, record: Democrat, Royden J, The Treaty Making Power in the Defense of the Senates part in Treaty Making and the Foreign Controller of Gold Act, (1972) in the Senate of the United States, Volume II, Chapter 7, International Panel (The Hague 1968) which transferred to the Trust and Foundation in its supervisory role and in protection of the free world.) and subsequent revisions thereof governing the management and control of International Collateral Combined Accounts otherwise also known as the Global Debt Facility;
The RCD Full Jacket (record: Third Level and Five Level Rule in Senate Actions upon Treaties (1901-1989) American Banking and Bullion International Law 18 (1924)
Amended Foreign Gold Act (1972, Washington D.C
Appointment and Empowered the Person (January 20, 1995, The Congress assembled the Legislative Press in the Tripartite, Trilateral, Trillenium Pact, being the applicable Pact between World Governments (London, 1921).
Reference Codes


Ownership Rights Recorded :  ……Legal Decadency to Heir RCD1088 Far East Entire
Governments Empowered the Person : ……..International Control No. 10-60847
International Clearing Code : ……………………....UNRCD-ID006197
UN/Federal Service Record No. : …..............................0-99-2-33
Protectorate and Immunity Granted and Recorded: …Great Seal No. 632259984
Statements of Fact

1. The Tripartite Gold Commission, established under the Bretton Woods Agreement for a single term of 50 years, ceased operations in 1994 and was formerly wound up in 1997, after having fulfilled it’s life term.The World Governments via their respective interests in the Bank for International Settlements, appointed a Sole Arbiter to succeed the Commission on January 20, 1995. All assets deemed to be held under the Commission’s Trustee were ceded and transferred to the Ownership of the Sole Arbiter, thereby granting unrestricted and absolute control to the Sole Arbiter.

2. His Excellency, Dr. Ray C. Dam, is the appointed and empowered person holding full disposition rights and authority over said assets and accounts by virtue of the authority vested in him by the Governments of the World, whom he represents, such authority being chartered and then registered with the United Nations.

3. As Chairman of the said Trust and Foundation and Sole Arbiter and Lawful Owner of all the assets held within Foundation Divine and the Heritage International Trust and their internal and ancillary Trusts, Foundations and Corporations, such Ownership granted to him by the International Community on January 20, 1995, His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam holds the absolute right to determine and make ruling, such ruling to be enforced (if necessary) by the Justice Department of the United States of America; (this right of control is guaranteed by the United States Congress ,reaffirmed by the Senate of the United States and recorded within United States Presidential Office of Management and Budget, whereat, empowerment of his person and his full indemnified status is acknowledged under Great Seal No. 632259984 and further registered within the International Division of the Department of the Treasury of the United States of America, The Bank for International Settlements, Swiss National Bank and the Swiss Federal Finance Administration), whereby his determination and ruling on all matters relating to the assets under his control is inviolate and may not be set aside, modified or denied by any agreement or arrangement between other parties and or institutions, or by any other ruling not assented to by the International Community who empowered his person. Decisions / Determinations made by H.E. Dr. Ray C. Dam in respect of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, take precedence over all / any laws, adjudications, Legal Rulings, or similar, determined by any Court of any other Country, including the The International Courts (World Courts).

4. Under International Control Number 10-60847, the right of control is established and Chartered by Treaty Agreement between all Nations, then registered with the United Nations as a sovereign entity that is to be beyond all other jurisdictional controls. This creation of a sovereign jurisdiction of control preserves and protects the official independence of the appointed and empowered person, His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam, his heirs and successors.

5. Within that Jurisdiction are two institutions:

a.       The Office of International Treasury Control: This Institutional Organization exists to assist and advise the International Treasury Controller, His Excellency, Dr. Ray C. Dam, in the exercising of his Authority.

b.          Consolidated Credit Bank Limited: A non-public internal Bank which is empowered and deemed as the last holding bank, the only Bank in the World with lawful authority and capacity to confirm assets and accounts of the International Treasury Controller and to issue any legal obligation against those accounts and to direct beneficial payments for those accounts. It is an Institutional Bank held within the Federal Reserve. It will not be found within the "Bankers Almanac", "The Banker", or any other Professional Handbook.

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