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Publishing of Q & A will be on a regular basis to this Site so that all visitors to this site can be enlightened. These will be published below as Introductory Summaries with links to separate pages.
News Bulletin 01-2/09 ........WARNING ....... ALERT ....... WARNING

Unauthorised Persons / Groups, with Criminal and Fraudulent Intent, purporting to represent The Office of International Treasury Control ........
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QUESTION:  02 - 06/09 - PW  Mr. & Mrs. P.W. from California, USA.

As Participants in a “Prosperity Program” still awaiting payment after 15 years, we seek your advice.

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QUESTION:  03 - 06/09 - ES     Mr. E. S. from Iceland.

Why did the OITC not help Iceland and its Citizens in their time of need ………  Good Question and a simple answer …………

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News Bulletin 02-07/09 ......IMPORTANT UPDATE -- FINANCING ......

Clarification referring to Financing for Commercial Enterprises /
Commercial projects.

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QUESTION: 04 - 07/09 - DK    from Mr D.K. of Czech Republic.

Gold and Silver Price Suppression and the highly questionable
activity of "Shorting".

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QUESTION: 05 - 08/09 - RJ       from Mr R.J. of Scotland.

Scotland is in desperate need of investment. Has the OITC made
any approached to the First Minister or Government of Scotland.

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