Investing in Nations and their People ----- Financing their Future
There is a simple and overarching principle to objectives of The Office of International Treasury Control. That is to do the greatest amount of good for the Nations and the People of the World with the resources it has available to it. By investing in the World’s Nations and their People we give them a greater degree of Financial and Economic Independence. To do less than is possible, is not, and will never be an option.

A great deal of time and effort has been spent considering, designing and structuring (a task that continues and will continue) by
The Office of International Treasury Control to ensure achievement and success of its objectives. This has not been an easy task taking into account that each country, each corporation, each culture, and each individual community, brings its own special circumstances, a different range of problems, different and specific requirements, and different risk factors.

To apply the principles of its’ objectives, means applying a degree of flexibility, applying the best possible advice that is available, cooperation, and above all, mutual understanding and appreciation. The Office of International Treasury Control must not make the same mistakes as other International Institutions have made and that have been seen, and experienced by some, over the last few decades. If mistakes are made, which is an inevitable factor, then they must be minimised by care, attention and careful thought in all matters related to a Nation’s requirements.
To “dictate” our policies and conditions, or apply draconian conditions, as some countries experienced following the 1997 “Currency Crash” with the International Monetary Fund’s “Bail Out” programs, is not and never will be an option.
We do not know everything, we never will, no one person or group of people ever does. That is why we engage specialist consultants, along with eminent and internationally recognised individuals, who provide the necessary advice and professional expertise to enable us to meet the challenges of the constantly changing world we all live in.
The Office of International Treasury Control applies a positive and constructive method of thought, utilizing every possible dimension. We do not think “In the Box” as appears to be the more common method used in today’s world. Such latter methods are restrictive and prohibited, but more to the point, such methods assume that all Nations should “Follow the Leader” irrespective of their Cultures, Religions, Traditions, or otherwise.
The Office of International Treasury Control has established a relatively simple operational structure for strong, independent, and above all, quick decision making which will allow it to respond to, and provide for, changing needs and circumstances, and to introduce long-term programs with minimal lead time and low overhead costs. The structure also provides for independent professional advice, management services, and program specialists, all engaged under performance contracts that will provide for maximum flexibility, control of fixed costs and maximization of performance.
The Office of International Treasury Control’s approach to program / project management and implementation is commercially oriented. It expects that the experts, once selected will do their job. If they fail, the failure will be seen as their failure. If they appoint bad managers or project staff, it will be their responsibility to replace them. If they have a management problem, it will also be their responsibility to fix their problem. If they fail to fix any problems, The Office of International Treasury Control will replace them, so ensuring the best possible implementation and management.
Summary of Objectives
a).     To do the greatest amount of good for the Nations and the People of the World, with the resources it has available to it.

b).     To inject finance into any one Nation, on the basis of "Internal Debt" classification, rather than "External Debt", thus preventing
         serious problems in the event of excessive currency fluctuations, or other International factors that can cause damage to the
         economy of Nations.

c).     Non-repatriation of any finance injected into any one Nation (excluding nominal Consultants Fees and Costs), to ensure that such
         finance is utilized continuously for generations.

d).     Structure all financing within any one Nation through our own Operating Module within any Nation to minimise (eventually
         eliminate) factors that attribute to corruption both in the Governmental and Commercial fraternities.

e).     Maintain strong Professional Management, Administration, and Control of Finance injected into any one Nation, via our own
         Operating Module.

f).     Work conjointly, vigorously, relentlessly with the Government of any Nation and Commercial Operations, to ensure a Balanced and
         Sustainable Economy is achieved and Maintained.

g).     Assist any one Nation to develop, expand, and modernise it's own economy, infrastrucrure, Social and Welfare facilities, to the
         benefit of the Nation and it's People.

h).     Assist any one Nation to develop and train it's own Human Resources so that Nations are not totally reliant upon Foreign
         Workers on an indefinite time scale.

i).      Assist any one Nation to provide Clean Water, Sanitation, adequate Food Supplies, improved Social and Welfare facilities, thus
         providing improved Living Standards and Conditions for that Nation and it's People.

j).      Ensure that finance injected into any one Nation is properly and effectively utilized within the whole sphere of Projects and
         Economic Development.

k).     Ensure that all projects that are financed are carefully structured, properly Managed and Administered, both internally and via the
         appointed Consultants.

l).      Ensure that any finance applied is utilized in complaince with International Accounting practices, linked to legal liability and

m).    Ensure that all projects comply with any applicable International Protocols such as the "Kyoto Accord" between Nations.

n).     To remove all / any possibility of International Political Influence, Undue Influence, Duress, Rape of a Nation and its Natural
         Resources, or similar, that usually occurs, or is imposed upon the weaker Nations of the World's society, by other Governments,
         International Conglomerates, Vested Interests. or similar, relative to a Nation's Minerals (Oil, Gas, Gold, Precious Gems, Forests,
         Fishing, etc.), or, that Nation's Strategic importance to a more prominent Nation.

o).     To maximise any Nation's employment levels relative to the Nationals of that Nation, together with maximisation of local
         materials used or required for Projects.

p).     Restructuring of any one Nation's Foreign Debt, taking advantage of such factors as Lower Interest Rates, Longer Term Periods,
         Convertible Guarantees, restructuring of Projects (Government or Commercial) for which Foreign Finance has been acquired and

q).     Minimising the effects to National Cultures, Traditions, and Characteristics.

r).     Maximising efforts to ensure that any one Nation eventually achieves "Financial Independence" and "Self Reliance".

s).     Provide for Education and Training of the Nation's Citizens so that they can eventually compete within the World of Commerce
         and Industry and well as the International Market Place.

t).     Provide Experienced Consultants, Advisors, Training Personnel, Project Management, General Management and other Advisory

u).     Ensure a Balanced Financial input and Economy based upon overall National requirements, rather than individual situations or

v).     Accommodation of Central, Regional, and District financing of Projects, and Economic Development. 

The above are the Major Factors of our Objectives. There are numerous ancillary Factors attributed to each and every factor above.
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In the last 12 - 13 years, our International role towards the Nations of the World has been marred, delayed, and frustrated by the extensive time it has taken us in resolving the many problems inherited from the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission in 1995, together with the Obstructions, Barriers, and the likes, which were, and have been placed before us by those parties throughout the world, whose self interest is paramount.
Resolving those problems will go on for many years yet, but, based upon the fact that the World is currently on the edge of a Financial precipice that has already devastated many countries, it has to be time for action before the World faces the "Point of No Return".
With many of these problems resolved, or in the process of being resolved,
The Office of International Treasury Control are now able to commence, implement, and undertake what we are charged with by the Nations of the World, that being utilisation of the Assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility for the benefit, and betterment, of ALL Nations of the World and the People of the World.