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The following documents are copies of communications of OITC Executives Dr. Keith F. Scott and Mr. David A. Sale.  The reason these are being published is to reveal what was really going through their minds when the "Offer to Purchase MG Rover" was made.  It is not usual for OITC to ever publish communications between their officers, but in this case it is necessary in order that we at least try to have more accountability in financial systems.

The final document is one prepared by David Sale and forwarded to the Serious Fraud Office in London.  It explains how the International Assets are being used illegally, uncovered the first time in 1998 during the meetings of the Washington Panel where senior UBS executives were compelled to retire after being compelled to appear before a US Congressional Committee. This illegal abuse still continues

MG-Rover debacle was seen by OITC as the potential crack that may allow them to find a way to bring this abuse of their assets to an end. That is what stimulated their interest in MG Rover and as you will see in the following documents, why they made a bid that could not and would not be bested. It could have been picked up by Price  Waterhouse Coopers and should have been. OITC would have honored their commitment, but they would also have commenced investigations into the entire background. It is believed that PWC could never allow that to happen.

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ITC efforts in the Pacific have been heavily damaged through the poor reporting and, and then the furthering of the absolute nonsense created by the ignorance and limited intellect of reporters for small town newspapers reporting what they think, rather than reporting the truth. Copies of verifiable asset transfer instruments with a value of US$3,000,000,000 were handed over to Triunion Investments and Holdings (Fiji) Limited on March 2, 2006 at Suva in Fiji by Dr. Keith F. Scott, Chief of Cabinet of OITC. The asset transferred to Fiji is bank verifiable, valid and of value. The legality of the Deed of Transfer is indisputable. The purpose of these funds was simply and clearly spelled out, none of which was for the purposes claimed by Fijian news reporters. The file reported in Wikipedia relating to OITC is a continuation of the ignorance and media sensationalism as though such is fact, even though Wikipedia administrators have been forwarded the facts, they prefer to retain the nonsense because the nonsense is verifiable through inaccurate newspaper reports.

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